weekly winners 9.4-9.10.11 {futbol}

The season of sports has begun and I hit 2 soccer games on Saturday. My nephew has been playing for a while now but his little sister had her first game and she was so stoked about it. The kids are all under 6 and new to the game which means it was complete chaos but they were so unbelievably fun to watch. As their Nana described it: they’re like a little swarm of bees following the ball around. Just one big mass of smiles, laughter, & shin guards.

she was bouncing off the walls during her bro's game... if only you could bottle that energy

she couldn't wait to get out on the field

the only girl on the team leads the face-off! go Eva!

and this is what he did while she played...

... so bored...

... interested? not so much



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6 responses to “weekly winners 9.4-9.10.11 {futbol}

  1. LOVE that second shot. What a great angle and focus! And that last one just… that’s a framer right there.

  2. Great soccer shots. My daughter played from the time she was 5 and still gets in a game whenever she came – she’s now 22. When she was in high school she ref-ed this age groups’ rec games. They were too fun to watch. Those last three photos capture perfectly little league soccer.

  3. I love the first one with her shadow – so adorable! Great pictures Stacy, I love the little kiddo games. Can’t wait until mine starts. 🙂

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