the other side of the fence

My oldest niece (6yrs old) is in her 1st year of softball with the big kids. She’s been playing for quite a while now but the previous years there hasn’t been much structure: no scores, everyone gets to bat, no outs, not a whole lot of coaching, etc. This year, it’s different: scores, outs, and actual coaching – not the psycho-over-the-top-yelling-at-kids kind. they still have tons of fun – not to mention she’s the youngest and smallest on the team (following in her momma’s footsteps in that aspect). It’s a bit of a shock to her, I think, but once she gets a few more games under her belt she’ll get into the groove of things, make a few plays, start chanting along with her teammates and it will be awesome. Most of all, her parents and the rest of whatever family is in attendance will all be on the other side of the fence waiting with anticipation, encouraging, and praying she gets that first hit. When she finally makes serious contact with that ball, she might just be a bit embarrassed by the cheering explosion that will erupt from her family. 😉

Little league sports. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

I see a hole out there

I see a hole out there

I see a H – O – L – E

hole out there…


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  1. LIttle league sports of any kind are so much fun to watch… if only the crazy parents would just let them have fun. I hope your niece has a wonderful softball season.

    (I LOVE the pink batting helmets!)

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