bring on the stretchy pants

The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and I’m behind once again on my posts. Now Thanksgiving is upon us and we’re hitting the ground running over the next few days. The whirlwind continues. So until I can find a few minutes to edit and upload photos, here’s a little snippet of what my world will look like on Thursday.

I love this time of year. The food… the family time… memories… food… traditions… football… food… trivial pursuit… and an abundance of laughter. But the food, oh my heavens, the food. With my dad’s family, it’s almost absurd how much is consumed on Thanksgiving day… and the day after. There is also a cardinal rule in our family. You CANNOT take a dish away – you can only add. People kinda lose it if you even hint at removing an item. Seriously. You don’t mess with tradition or there’s likely to be a riot. Or someone will sit in the corner with a big ol’ F.O.S. all day. It’s not pretty.

The day begins with food to nosh while dinner is being prepped thanks to Michelle & her array of veggies, salsa & whatnot for the relish tray

Two 20+ pound turkeys – yes, two
Grandma’s dressing… a big gooey mess that looks disgusting but oh my word is it wonderful
15 lbs of mashed potatoes… then another 5 on Friday
a vat of Grandma’s green beans
a giant pot of Popps’ homemade noodles
Lori’s sweet potato yum-yums
cranberry relish
Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce (none other will do, right dear cousins?!)
Sarah’s righteous mac & cheese
Becky Sue’s super corn casserole
Lynda 2’s deviled eggs – all for me 😉
a mountain of rolls and blueberry muffins

too many bottles of wine to count, a fair amount of Jack, and plenty of Kahlua & creams

but most importantly we can’t forget the pies with fresh whipped cream to be consumed during the infamous trivial pursuit battle of the sexes…
three apple the only pies that matter in my book – good for breakfast too (not that I would know. nope. not me)
two pumpkin
one pecan
one custard
one cherry

Bring on the stretchy pants…

(and I’ll let you in on a little family secret: FOS = fart on skull)


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