it’s about time {sweet shot tuesday}

This past Friday was a big day for some very dear friends. After 2 long years, they finally brought their baby boy home from Ethiopia! Jes, Beka with her 4 kiddos, and I wanted so desperately to be at the airport to welcome them home but we just couldn’t make it happen. So we did the next best thing… waited (not-so-patiently) in their driveway to greet them with smiles, hugs and welcome home/it’s about time signs. We had some time to kill so the kids ate a snack, played in the leaves and I happened to snap a few photos. It was such fun.

cutie patootie

cutie girl enjoying her snack

lady killer

what? you expect me to smile on command?!

gorgeous girl

pure joy playing in the leaves

getting ready

practicing holding part of the sign - and super happy about it!

they waited so long

never been so happy to see this sleeping baby! He's finally here! 🙂

Sweet Shot Day



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3 responses to “it’s about time {sweet shot tuesday}

  1. deb

    That’s so exciting! And you captured the day beautifully!

  2. LOVE this!! THANK YOU THANK YOU for being SO awesome 🙂

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