2012: 002/365

2012: 002/365

being sick sucks. woke up today with a terrible cold. hoping my usual cure-all will nip this thing in the bud. if you haven’t tried this stuff, you’re missing out. it’s the only thing that works without knocking me completely out. though I did take a nice little 2 1/2 hour nap on the couch today. all snuggled up in a blanket watching a marathon of one of my guilty pleasures: The Rachel Zoe Project. it was soooo major.

(want to see what a difference 2 years can make? see this photo from 2010:365)



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4 responses to “2012: 002/365

  1. Jackie Paulson

    http://postadaychallenge2011.com/2012/01/04/add-your-url-to-meme-for-project-365/ add your URL to the MEME for Project 365 You will get more followers and I will update all the links so we can all add them. It benefits everyone. ♥ Jackie

  2. Jackie Paulson

    I do hope you feel better. When I am sick I drink water with fresh lemons squeezed in it. I drink Organic Honey for my throat and sometimes pedi-lite drink for babies. See you tomorrow. Jackie ♥

  3. I need to try this I have had a cold for about a month that I cannot shake. I am tired of having a sinus headache every dang day. Hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to watching your 365 project.

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