2012: 021-023/365 {opportunity knocks}

So a few weeks ago the leader of my niece’s Girl Scout troop asked if I would take pictures at their Father Daughter Dance. They were in a bind & needed someone cheap (translate: free) and it was me or one of the moms with a point & shoot camera. I was pretty hesitant but this opportunity presented itself and I am really trying to be open to new experiences this year so I said yes. I was nervous as heck but it was fun and the dads were so sweet to their daughters – some even had corsages or bouquets of flowers (wonder if their wives get the same treatment 🙂 ). I have a couple of pics I’ll post later of the hula hoop contest and some fun dances (YMCA, anyone?) but for now this will have to do.

2012: 021/365


I’m so over the gloomy gray days. Will we ever see the sun again?

2012: 022/365


Just after I agreed to take photos at the dance, I finally bit the bullet and ordered some mini business cards from moo.com so I’d have them to hand out. No, I’m not going into business. I just thought it’d be a great way to get my blog out there a bit more.
Sometimes even the best laid plans just don’t pan out – the cards showed up today… 2 days after the dance. (it wasn’t Moo’s fault – they got them done in lightning speed. the weather and the postal service just didn’t want to cooperate) Seriously, they are awesome. Excellent quality and they far exceeded my expectations! If you’re in the market, you should give them a look.

2012: 023/365



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  1. What a great attitude, to choose to be open to more things! I love that anyway, but to take your talent into the father-daughter dance, that’s just special. I look forward to more pictures. And I don’t know…those business cards are great idea, and you never know where putting yourself “out there” will lead. Sending you warm and comforting wishes for an early spring…Debra

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