i might just be crazy {instagram recap}

So I think I might just be a glutton for punishment or maybe a wee bit crazy. Not only am I tackling project 365 this year, but I’ve also jumped on board for 2 (yes TWO) instagr.am photo-a-day challenges. The creators of these 2 memes have put together a month’s worth of daily prompts. I missed the boat on January altogether but have jumped in with both feet for Feb. So in addition to working on my mad dSLR photography skills but I want to do the same with iphoneography. (it is too a word. I didn’t make it up. promise)

Without further ado, here are the images from this first (partial) week of Feb.

@fatmumslim #febphotoaday

my viewwordshandsa stranger

april & erin #febphoto366

redhandsup highthe letter a

if you’re on instagram, jump on in! there’s no set day or time to join. And follow me… auntwithgum



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3 responses to “i might just be crazy {instagram recap}

  1. I’m impressed! You are a photo superhero.

  2. I don’t know how you do it, but kudos! Debra

  3. Amazing… keeping up with 3, really 3? More power to you, I’m having a hard with one but I do seem to be using the iPhone more than the Nikon lately! 🙂

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