2012: 034-037/365 {i got schooled in candyland}

I’ve got some weird thing happening with the circuit that goes to the dishwasher so guess what I get to do?

2012: 034/365

Popped in on my sister’s Sat night. Niece had to show off her mad weight-bench balancing skills.
Guys only like girls who have really great skills…

2012: 035/365

Then to my other sister’s on Sunday for the commercials game and got schooled in Candyland by a 3 year old.

2012: 036/365

Random item from my house: my aunt (mom’s sister) made these mugs ages ago. And when I say ages… I mean it was so long ago I was an only child at the time.
Does the phrase “leave the gun, take the cannoli” say anything at all?
I’ve always loved these mugs and mom finally handed over mine and the one that says ‘friend’ a few months back. They sit so lovely on a shelf in my kitchen.

2012: 037/365

(if you know nothing of my family history: I’m the oldest of 4 😉 )


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One response to “2012: 034-037/365 {i got schooled in candyland}

  1. Delightful! But I’m sorry about the dishwasher…mine was out of commission on Thanksgiving Day. That would have been a picture for you. And Candyland is a big hit with the three and four year old set. I play a lot of it with my granddaughters. The mugs are fabulous, too. How wonderful that they’ve survived and weren’t long ago broken. Maybe your niece would like some hot chocolate in one of them 🙂 You do a great little pictorial story! I also look forward to it. Debra

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