2012: 040-043/366 {adventures in babysitting}

Oh Gus… you’ve got such a rough life. Wanna trade?
(this is the boss’ dog who hangs out at the shop quite a bit. seriously the sweetest dog ever)

2012: 040/366


 So this is the first official ‘phoning it in’ photo of 2012. On my way home from hanging out with the girls & nearly forgot to take a photo for the day!

2012: 041/366


Oldest nephew raked in some cool gifts for his b-day.
Hot Wheels wall track + King Kong = awesome

2012: 042/366


Babysitting tip #54: Always come prepared with sugary treats to make & eat
(strategically plan it just before their parents get home & before they start bouncing off the walls 😉 )

2012: 043/366


(got the idea for these easy no-bake mini cakes from lisa leonard check it out here)


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