2012: 044-047/366 {the usual routine}

Guess what I did Monday night? (o joy)

2012: 044/366 ugh

044/366 (feb 13)

Valentine’s day never has been a big deal to me even when in a relationship (though honestly I can’t remember the last time I was dating someone on ♥ day – such is life). This year was fun – out to eat at a Chinese restaurant with a big group from church (25+ peeps) and had a fantastic time. Good food, lots of laughter and great conversation.
The church group went to Forbidden City together… ironic, no? 🙂

2012: 045/366 happy heart day

045/366 (feb 14)

Wednesday night = girls night as always
Just got this game and gave it a whirl with the girls. Lots of fun & it doesn’t take forever to finish like the regular card game. Though us spending hours together is nothin’

2012: 046/366 a new game

046/366 (feb 15)

Even though I have been posting more regularly on here lately, it seems like ages since I sat down to edit photos & work on the blog. So tonight I’m sitting here at the computer and catching up on Idol. Might sound boring but it’s quite cathartic 🙂

2012: 047/366 edit therapy

047/366 (feb 16)

(and yes, I’ve finally given in and embraced the fact that this is a Project 366. but it still sounds weird to me. so there.)



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3 responses to “2012: 044-047/366 {the usual routine}

  1. Love the comment about the church group going to Forbidden City! And Idol is going to be good this season! I never thought of taking photos of my laundry…that would be scary! Debra

  2. love the fact that your laundry is on the floor, just like the rest of us folks and not perfectly separated like the illusion of people’s perfect homes 🙂

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog from your entry for a card reader.
    Great photos, love the laundry…thats real life right there!

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