february, where’d you go?

night – something you ate – money – something you’re listening to


favorite movie – silhouette – architecture – leap


And, as much as it kills me, I’m limiting my instagram photo challenges to just fatmumslim’s photoaday. Doing 2 with similar prompts was too much. I was crying “UNCLE!” by the end of the month. If instafa.me decides to do a photoskill for march, then I might just pick it up but so far no dice.
And with that, I’m down to one. (whew!)
It does bug me a bit that I didn’t start #photoaday until feb so I might just have to pick up January’s prompts. Still toying with the idea though. Do any of you have a similar project going on? Please please please share in the comments. I’m always looking for new inspiration.

And if you’re on instagram or twitter… share your username below and I’ll find you
or look me up: auntwithgum 🙂


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