2012: 071-073/366 {mostly sunny}

Instead of inundating you with the bazillion photos I desperately need to post for project 366, I will be posting a few at a time over the next few days (or weeks…)

The time change occurred over the weekend. As much as I hate losing that hour of sleep, I love the long days it brings. It was after 8:30pm and there were still traces of light in the sky.

2012: 071/365

071/365 (mar 11)

We don’t just do signs – the boys spread gravel too
Making a new parking area so the guys don’t have to go mudding on rainy days just to come to work. In truth, I think my boss just likes to find any excuse to use his backhoe πŸ˜‰

2012: 072/365

072/365 (mar 12)

If you happen to follow me on twitter or are a friend on facebook, then you know about the llama on the lam. This is the farm across the street where it all went down. That wacky llama was sauntering his way down the curvy driveway, headed for an open gate. He almost made it too. We didn’t get a whole lot done that morning – too busy watching the sheriff deputies trying to get the situation under control. Working in the country has proved to be quite entertaining.
fyi: police & fire truck sirens don’t deter a llama from his mission one little bit

2012: 073/365

073/365 (mar 13)


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