2012: 074-076/366 {i heart spring}

Southland in the spring time makes my heart sing. Flowers blooming everywhere, new leaves on the trees, green so vibrant it takes your breath away. It was the spring of one year in college that I truly embraced the South and my love for it. The dogwoods, cherry blossoms, azaleas… all blooming in full force. Absolutely gorgeous.
The beauty is enough to make up for the fact that the pollen count is astronomical and everyone is on allergy meds. 😉

2012: 074/366

074/366 (mar 14)

drip drip drop little April shower… ok, so it’s not April yet but it seems we can’t go a couple of days without some sort of rain shower. It does help with the pollen invasion. I’m not complaining. Not one little bit.

2012: 075/366

075/366 (mar 15)

My dogwood tree is really starting to bloom. Have I mentioned how much I love the South in Spring? 😉

2012: 076/366

076/366 (mar 16)


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