moon moon moon shining bright {march photoaday}


moon – animal – breakfast


Naturally, the prompt ‘moon’ was on a stormy night – no moon in the sky. I just so happened to be babysitting and my nephew’s nightlight has a moon. Wanna know something cool about this nightlight? My uncle made it. Yep. He’s got some mad wood-crafting skills. He made a mirror for me many years ago that I dearly treasure (check it out here)
And I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the post title. I’d guess that if you have kids, you know Laurie Berkner. She’s got some great kid music that doesn’t eat your brain like most kid-songs have a tendency to do. Moon Moon Moon is a favorite with the nieces & nephews. Do you have some go-to music for the kiddos? I know this isn’t a mom-blog but it’s always fun to share cool music that kids love & parents can tolerate 🙂

And as far as breakfast goes, coffee seems to be all I need most days. Or at least all I have time for. Yeah yeah I know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day… yadda yadda yadda. But can’t you see? the heavens shone down on coffee – breakfast of champions.

key – your name – trash

keyyour nametrash


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One response to “moon moon moon shining bright {march photoaday}

  1. I always enjoy your beautiful and creatively determined photos. You pick such interesting subjects! What a wonderful night light! And a family treasure…do I know Laurie Berkner! Yes I do…this grandmother can sing all the songs, too 🙂 The girls even went to a Laurie Berkner concert…Now I’m introducing them to Raffi…Bless these children’s musicians for offering something of quality that even the adults can enjoy. Coffee is a necessity! Debra

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