2012: 077-081/366 {adventures in spring}

Every Spring I find that my Saturdays are packed with the nieces’ and nephews’ sporting events.
How cute are the pink Barracudas? You should have seen my niece’s face when she found out their jerseys would be pink. She was over the moon. Pink helmet, pink bat bag, pink socks, pink jersey. She was tickled pink. (bah dum dum… thank you, I’ll be here all week)
Goooooo Barracudas!

2012: 077/366

077/366 {mar 17}

Hello there, Mr Cardinal.

2012: 078/366

078/366 {mar 18}

Every once in a while, I bolt out of the office in time to catch one of the kiddos’ evening games. It’s not quite the chaos of a Saturday game and a bit cooler too. Super fun.

2012: 079/366

079/366 {mar 19}

Been focused down low lately (not a stretch for me, of course). I happened to be in Nate’s way as he was walking on the wall. Can’t you sense the impatience in those sneakers?

2012: 080/366

080/366 {mar 20}

I don’t usually buy movies as soon as they’re released on DVD. They’re just too darn expensive but this time I couldn’t resist. This newest Muppet movie is awesome! Quite reminiscent of the original – brought back so many memories. We took the kids to see it on Christmas Eve and everyone had an absolute blast. Jason Segel and Amy Adams are perfect for a movie where the bulk of the cast is covered in fur – talented with just the right amount of cheese. I can’t wait to watch it again! And 6 episodes of the original show included as a bonus? yes please.

2012: 081/366

081/366 {mar 21}


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One response to “2012: 077-081/366 {adventures in spring}

  1. Oh I do love those pink uniforms and I can truly believe the Barracuda’s are going to do well…they’ll be so enthusiastic! You are the best to make it to so many games. What a support. And if there are some original Muppet episodes on the DVD I will have to borrow it from my granddaughters…I don’t care how old I get, I love Muppets! 🙂 Great photographs…wish we had cardinals in our “neck of the woods.” Debra

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