the world is full of color {project 366}

2012: 092/366

092/366 (apr 1): workin’ at the car wash

2012: 093/366

093/366 (apr 2): pink dogwoods take my breath away

2012: 094/366

094/366 (apr 3)

2012: 095/366

095/366 (apr 4): how I adore these 2 nieces of mine and that they love playing in flower girl dresses from days gone by. and the look wouldn’t be complete without flip flops.

2012: 096/366

096/366 (apr 5): love is a rose but you better not pick it. it only grows when it’s on the vine. handful of thorns and you’ll know you’ve missed it. lose your love when you say the word ‘mine’ -neil young

2012: 097/366

097/366 (apr 6): trying out new shoes

2012: 098/366

098/366 (apr 7): it’s Easter. amen.



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4 responses to “the world is full of color {project 366}

  1. Jennifer H

    Your pics just keep on getting better and better! Love them!

  2. Great photos! I love the “flip flop gals”–they are really adorable! I enjoyed each one! Debra

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