they drive a hard bargain {2012 project 366}

Like many families, we gather for Easter dinner, an egg hunt for the kids and to snap a few photos while everyone is in their Sunday best. (whoa. Sunday best? I just had flashes of Mr. Ingalls saying that on Little House on the prairie. and my friend Kate & I skipping class to watch reruns in college. sweet memories) Anyway, I’ve learned that the only way to get these 4 to give me some decent faces is to promise they can make silly ones after the smiling is done. I’m grateful it’s just that and not a harder bargain like candy or cash. But I’m sure that day will come 🙂

2012: 099/366

09/366 (apr 8): funny faces

2012: 100/366

100/366 (apr 9): a difficult day. this is how a heart breaks.

 That’s my niece fielding a grounder as coach looks on. What you can’t see is her momma hollering from the bleachers ‘glove down!’. She did get that glove down, caught the ball and held the runners on base. She’s become quite the ball player.

2012: 101/366

101/366 (apr 10): way to go, girl

2012: 102/366

102/366 (apr 11)

2012: 103/366

103/366 (apr 12)

 Several months ago, I started attending a new church with a great singles program. Things have been going well and jumped in on a small group for bi-weekly bible study. There were several to choose from but I ended up just choosing this one because it met the only night I had free during the week. And those seemingly insignificant decisions are often the ones that lead to significant moments (God is amazing like that). I had briefly met a couple of the people on Sunday mornings but other than that I was going in blind. We all seemed to hit it off right away. A few of us met up for dinner recently and had a fab time getting to know each other over some great cajun food and cool libations. Tons of fun.

2012: 104/366

104/366 (apr 13): dinner & drinks with new friends



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2 responses to “they drive a hard bargain {2012 project 366}

  1. I always enjoy your photos! Especially of the nieces and nephews…your last photo is very cool! I think it would make a nice framed print in a dining room or kitchen. It has something special to it! Nice story of your new Bible Study group, too. I enjoyed learning just a little more about you! 🙂 Debra

  2. Love the first picture! Shows their fun and crazy side… priceless.

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