hitting a milestone {photoaday}

So it’s official. I kissed my 30s goodbye. But I did it in style and with some of my favorite women on the face of this planet. It was a night I will treasure for always. Thank you ladies for making 40 memorable (and not miserable)! 🙂

It’s rather interesting that the prompts all weekend seemed perfectly chosen for my life. I love when things like that happen.

#fun night out with my girls for the big 4-0

{fun} it was most definitely fun fun fun


{bird} the sweetest card from one of my besties

Just me #photoadaymay #you

{you} first day as 40 yr old me and it’s pretty awesome



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2 responses to “hitting a milestone {photoaday}

  1. Happy birthday. You’ll enjoy your 40s.

  2. Happy Birthday! I’m not just saying this because I’m well past 40 and would like to roll back the calendar, LOL!–but I ALWAYS reference my forties as my favorite decade. It seems that for many of us 40 is a transition to a time when we really begin to know who we are, and who we were meant to be! I hope that you have a wonderful transition into a delightful decade! Debra

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