too many plates in the air {photoaday}

someone that inspires you – a smell you adore – something you do everyday

I’ve mentioned this before but my grandma inspires me even though she’s no longer with us. She taught me to value and treasure family. And family doesn’t just mean those that are blood related. Any of her friends (& their kids… & their grandkids…) can attest, friends are family too. I love reading her reflections on family events in the cookbook that once was hers. memories galore

I love gardenias. Their fragrance takes my breath away

Multitasking is something I do every day. Who doesn’t? But sometimes I feel like that guy with the spinning plates on sticks – trying to keep so many spinning without letting any fall to the ground. Can I get an amen?

Missed posting this one #photoadaymay #someonethatinspiresyou my grandma. She's not here anymore but taught me that family is to be treasured#asmellyouadore gardeniasMultitasking #photoadaymay #somethingidoeveryday

a favourite word – kitchen – something that makes you happy

ubiquitous is just fun to say and looks funny too.

amazing what a fisheye lens can do for a tiny kitchen

ice cream & cake… birthday parties and watching a 4 year old eat cake & ice cream with his fingers just because he can

It's just a fun word to say #photoadaymay #afavouritewordMy #kitchen #photoadaymay it may be little but it's mine :)Birthday cake & ice cream (minus the slimy fingers) #photoadaymay #somethingthatmakesmehappy

mum – grass – love

movie outing with the girls for mother’s day

absolutely loving my new olloclip. the macro is amazing.

Movie date with mom & sisters :) #photoadaymay #mum #mothersday#grass #photoadaymay #olloclipmacrosymbols of #love are all around #photoadaymay

what you’re reading – snack – something you made

The Bloggess’ book is hilarious. If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s not for the faint of heart or the easily offended but you’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll shoot water out your nose. (not that I would know from experience. nope. not me… hey, could you pass me a tissue?)

Every now & then I bust out the bead collection and whip up some jewelry.

Finishing up @TheBloggess book #photoadaymay #whatimreading #LetsPretendThisNeverHappenedleftover from lunch #photoadaymay #snackEarrings #somethingimade #photoadaymay

a favourite place – something you can’t love without – where you stand

anywhere the nieces & nephews are is always a favorite place

I have a slight coffee addiction. I am a bear in the morning without it. You’ve been warned.

Lately I’ve spent many hours either at the soccer field or softball field cheering on the kiddos.

Hanging out with nieces & nephews is always #afavouriteplace to be #photoadaymayOf course coffee is my #somethingyoucantlivewithout #photoadaymay#whereistand #photoadaymay


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One response to “too many plates in the air {photoaday}

  1. Wonderful subjects and great photography! I feel a closeness to my grandmother’s, too, and get a little misty-eyed with certain recipes in their handwriting. I love that you shared about yours. Your love of family and friends is one reason I enjoy your posts and photos! Lovely. Debra

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