the trifecta of toppings {photoaday}

pink – technology – something new

niece in the dugout cheering on her teammates

My most used technology items (well, aside from my phone of course): headphones, laptop, camera. I’m sure I could learn to live without them but I don’t wanna.

Found the cutest turquoise wedges on clearance. And when I say on clearance, I mean less than 10 bucks. Score!

Niece in the dugout #pink #photoadaymayMost used #technology items #photoadaymay digital camera, laptop & headphonesTurquoise wedges off the clearance rack? Yes please. #photoadaymay #somethingnew

unusual – 12 o’clock – something sweet

Dinner with friends & come to find out 3 of us love the same pizza combo. Pepperoni, mushroom & black olive: the trifecta of perfection in pizza toppings.

Time to update the pedi… feeling kinda flirty

Iced caramel macchiato with a gooey layer of caramel at the bottom. yum

Just found 2 other people that love the same pizza as me #photoadaymay #unusual pepperoni mushroom & black oliveTime to update the pedi color #photoadaymay #12oclockIced caramel macchiato #photoadaymay #somethingsweet and yes that is a layer of caramel at the bottom



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