siestas for everybody {2012 project 366}

Dinner out with the girls. Dee-lish!

2012: 111/366

111/366 (apr 20)

I love candid moments like these… completely relaxed and wrapped up in watching a parade. She’s the oldest niece and growing up way too fast.

2012: 112/366

112/366 (apr 21)

Just a little piece of local Civil War history.

2012: 113/366

113/366 (apr 22)

I bought flowers for myself today. 🙂

2012: 114/366

114/366 (apr 23)

Busy as a bee.

2012: 115/366

115/366 (apr 24)

A typical scene in the office. Siestas for everybody!

2012: 116/366

116/366 (apr 25)

Let your light shine in the darkness.

2012: 117/366

117/366 (apr 26)

I’m not much of a reader but I can’t put this book down. Been reading into the wee hours of the night and decided to give another attempt at a self-portrait. Nice floating head, huh? 😉

2012: 118/366

118/366 (apr 27)

Hey there, mister… don’t you smile… it’s not funny…
(my oldest nephew and getting more handsome every day)

2012: 119/366

119/366 (apr 28)

My view from the driveway… a warm welcome from Uga.

2012: 120/366

120/366 (apr 29)

hello beautiful.

2012: 121/366

121/366 (apr 30)

And April posts are DONE! At this rate, I might actually get caught up before Halloween 🙂

2012 april


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