she’s not a daisy anymore {project 366}

Slowly but surely I’m getting caught up on this project 366 thing. Only about a month behind at this point… not too terrible I guess. A lot of stuff going on and not too much of it documented with the big girl camera. 😛 But still getting out there and shooting – that’s all that matters, right?

2012: 122/366

122/366 (may 1)

2012: 123/366

123/366 (may 2)

2012: 124/366

124/366 (may 3)

Kelsey bridged from daisies to brownies… following in her momma’s footsteps.

2012: 125/366

125/366 (may 4)

2012: 126/366

126/366 (may 5)

I’m sure I’ll blog about the big 4-0 celebration at some point. Or maybe I won’t. Maybe some things are better left to memories. It was fun and I am so grateful that my favorite ladies celebrated with me. I will forever have a smile on my face and probably have to sing at the top of my lungs anytime I hear this song

And how cute are these printables?! I won them a few months ago from Amy at Living Locurto. Thanks so much Amy for adding some fun to my birthday!

2012: 127/366

127/366 (may 6)

2012: 128/366

128/366 (may 7)

2012: 129/366

129/366 (may 8)



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4 responses to “she’s not a daisy anymore {project 366}

  1. Great photos, as always! Loved this last one with the shoes and all the pink! Daisy’s to Brownies is a very big step! 🙂 Debra

  2. The dragonfly is awesome, a wonderful capture. But… I loved the last shot of the pink socks and cleats. Perfection.

    Congrats to Kelsey for bridging from Daisy to Brownie.

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