proof I do always have gum {photoaday}

art: this painting done by a friend was a lovely housewarming gift and one of the 1st things to get put on the wall when I moved in 5 yrs ago

time: this clock makes my brain hurt.

yellow: sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. they’re just big, fat & happy don’t ya think?

#art #photoadayjune #latergram#time #photoadayjune #latergramYeah they were all #yellow #photoadayjune #latergram

out and about: a cookout with new friends and an evening game of cornhole. fun fun fun

in your bag:  I have a slight obsession with lip products and fun pens. I carry a wristlet so 3 tubes of lip stuff and some Sharpie pens take up a good bit of space. Who needs room for money or other stuff in your bag when you’ve got lipsmackers?
And here’s your proof that I do always have gum 🙂

something we don’t know about you:  this was a tough one. I had thought about posting something related to my height because most of my instagramming friends don’t know me in real life and have no idea just how short I am but I decided to reveal something I love. the combination of chocolate and caramel is absolute sweet perfection so Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food (chocolate ice cream, caramel & marshmallow swirl with dark chocolate fishies) is definitely a guilty pleasure

#outandabout #photoadayjune#inyourbag #photoadayjune#somethingwedontknowaboutyou #photoadayjune

participating in fat mum slim’s photoaday challenge



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3 responses to “proof I do always have gum {photoaday}

  1. Nice to meet you! I am just getting started with a blog of my own and have been looking around at other blogs for inspiration. I love all of your photos and fun stories, looking forward to reading more!

  2. Oh Phish Food…know it well! 🙂 I love the sunflower…you have had an artistic eye since I first started enjoying your posts, but I think I can see them developing even greater creativity! Cool! Debra

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