s is for super aunt {photoaday}

Hey remember me?! I disappeared for a while (again) – lost that blogging mojo (again) but hopefully I’m back on the wagon for a while. Though my recent absence has not reflected it, I have missed this. Connecting images with my ramblings… sharing snippets of my life… connecting with you… I know you’re out there. Just a few of you but you’re there and I am grateful. And though I can’t promise I won’t disappear again, know that I’ll show back up eventually. I just can’t stay away forever. 🙂

garden: some yummy cherry tomatoes in grandma’s little flowerpot garden on the patio

lunch: making the long trek home across 5 states and stopped for a picnic lunch. Would’ve been grand had it not been hotter than the sun and the bees had left us alone!
BEES!!! Runaway! Your firearms are useless against them!
(name that movie)

big: yep. that tire is bigger than I am. ok so that’s not saying much really…

#garden#lunch on the road #photoadayjuly#big tires #photoadayjuly

your favourite color: red. red. red. r-e-d. red. and every girl should have at least one pair of red shoes that make her feel special. (ahem… with my obvious shoe obsession, of course i have more than one pair but who’s counting?)

letter:  S is for Super Aunt (always ready with gum and fun)

texture: denim. up close & personal with my olloclip. Have I mentioned how much I love that little gadget lately? And if I have, tough. I love love love it. seriously. you think I’m kidding.

#yourfavouritecolor#letter #photoadayjuly #latergram#texture #photoadayjuly

playing catch up from fat mum slim’s july photoaday meme


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