i blame the boy

the friendliest flower

Somebody remind me how this works again. Please. It seems there were words and photos involved but it’s been so long that it’s all a bit foggy.

I haven’t forgotten about you, my dear readers. My life has been twitterpated. Anybody remember that phrase? You know… the one from Bambi? Yep. I’m smitten. And when I’m smitten, I’m all distracted and not quite sure which way is up.

Life has been busy and I’ve decided to blame it on The Boy. Yes. There’s a boy these days. Though he does have a few years on me so I’m not quite sure I can call him that… on second thought, I do tell him he’s 8 yrs old quite often so scratch that… he shall be called The Boy.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about sharing much here about The Boy… he is pretty social-media savvy and I’m sure he’ll read anything I end up posting. We have yet to have a discussion on things like this so until then… just know there’s a boy. He occupies a lot of my free time. We laugh a lot. And he’s pretty darn great. So that’s all I have to say about that.

TONS of stuff has happened in the past several months. Things that I’ve been meaning to do. Things that I didn’t know I wanted to do. And things I thought I’d never do. Because I’m sooooo far behind on posting my Project 366 photos (but still taking them!), posts for it are going on hiatus. Instead, I’m going to highlight some major events that have occurred lately. Not exactly sure what order I’ll go in but it’ll happen. I might even shock you with more than one post a month! {{gasp}}

Don’t worry, I really am still taking a photo a day with my big girl camera… which has been upgraded! woot! I’m just thinking I’ll end up with some mosaics for each month at the end of the year. This project has been good even though I haven’t been faithful with posting.

Until the next post, which I hope to be this weekend, I bid you adieu. Though I do wish you would stick with me while I figure out where I’m headed on this crazy thing called life.

Until next time… Love ya bunches!



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6 responses to “i blame the boy

  1. Kathryn

    Such a teaser!! Do tell more about the boy!! 🙂

  2. Jennifer H

    That is awesome Stacy! I am so happy for you!

  3. Well, this IS fun! 🙂 Good for you…and have fun! Blogging can wait. Live it up! 🙂

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