where did the time go?

Has it really been nearly 4 months since my last post?! Wow. I’m reeling. Can’t believe how quickly time passes these days.

<blink> It’s Thanksgiving

<blink> it’s New Year’s

<blink> it’s Valentine’s Day

Is anybody even still out there?

I’m still here. At least I was last time I checked. There are some days I wonder.

And I’m still taking photos. No project 365 this time around – well, not with the big girl camera. Still doing the fat mum slim photoaday challenge. I enjoy the prompts most days but trying not to let myself get too hung up on it. I can get stressed out when I miss a day or 2 (or seven) so I’m taking a more laid back approach this year. It’ll get done when it gets done. Just gotta enjoy the ride. Join in the fun!

Now, I am tackling photos with the Nikon in a different way than the past. Trying to challenge myself and grow in many ways. I really want to work on my portrait skills. (guys only like girls with really mad skills… nun-chuck skills,  computer-hacking skills…) 😉 So my goal each week is to capture photos of people. Obviously, I started with those peeps I spend the most time with (~ahem~ the boy).

It’s nearly March so I am already WAY behind in my postings. Here’s the image from week 1. I’ve got some serious catching up to do.






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3 responses to “where did the time go?

  1. Nice looking fella! 🙂 Good photography goals, too. Glad to hear from you…time does slip away, but it sounds like “real life” is keeping you full and content! Wonderful!

  2. Welcome back!

    He is a cutie… Good luck with the photoging goals.

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