a bit of photography

I’m loving my camera & the stuff I’m learning so I thought I’d pass along the 411 on my gear.  Sure, I had a point & shoot camera for years but in May of ’09 I purchased my first dSLR camera and absolutely loved it from the first click of the shutter. I got it used on ebay – I decided to go that route for a couple of reasons: 1) I wanted to find a good deal so I waited (not quite patiently) for it and 2) I wasn’t sure if it was something I would stick with so having it brand new wasn’t a priority.

In Sept of 2012, I upgraded my camera body to the fabulous Nikon D7000. After taking Clickin Moms Best Darn Beginner Course Ever and learning how to shoot in manual mode, I LOVE the versatility of my D7000. Adjustments are quick with the turn of a dial. And it shoots video – something I haven’t quite taken full advantage of yet but has been quite handy at The Possibles’ sporting events.


I primarily use Lightroom 3 for editing & organization but keep my Photoshop Elements 8 around for use every now & then.

I got my Lola bag for Christmas a few years ago. My little camera is so happy in this bag. It’s red, it’s cute, it’s lovely.
Here are some of my favorite photogs – excellent sources for tutorials & inspiration: