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i woke up and it was august

so the last thing I remember was Easter… kiddos in cute outfits, chocolate bunnies, an empty tomb, hunting for plastic eggs… the next thing I know, it’s August. What the heck happened?! Really. Does that ever happen to you? You blink and 4 months have passed? You blink again and it’s a new year?

I know I was involved in activities. I know I was coherent. Well, at least most of the time. I’m sure there was an occasional moment I checked out but everybody does that now & then, don’t they? (Bueller? Bueller?) But I really can’t believe that 2013 is 3/4 of the way over. How that happened, I’ll never know. I do have photographic evidence that I lived through the past 5-6 months. And enjoyed it too. 🙂

So… in order to prove that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, let’s start with one of the major events of the past few months – our trip to Texas.

The Boy and I ventured out to Texas in early May to visit his dad & see some sights. It was our first big trip that was purely just for fun. Sure, we’ve gone on trips together but they’ve always been to visit family for major holidays. This trip, the only thing on our agenda was to have F.U.N. fun. And we made sure that happened.
It was beautiful weather too.




The big event of the weekend was the Keels & Wheels Car & Boat Show. Some ah-maze-ing vehicles and boats in this show. I had a field day with my nifty fifty.
sidebar: I dropped Pearl (my camera) a couple weeks before we left and I was GUTTED. I nearly threw up at the sound of it hitting concrete. Took it in to get fixed because it wouldn’t auto-focus. Manual focus worked though thank goodness. However the parts wouldn’t be in before we left so I sucked it up and was full-on manual with e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. the whole trip. I’ve been shooting manual for a while now (all those geeky photog-speak settings: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc) but all that on top of manual focus for this trip was going to be a challenge. I did it though. I stuck with my 50mm for 90% of the trip. And survived. And got some cool shots out of it. thank goodness > back to the trip…
The classic cars and the Chris-Craft wooden boats were fantastic. My favorite moment was standing in front of the yellow Chevy when I hear this voice behind me say: “Get in & have him take your picture”. Now let me tell you, these car owners really don’t like people touching the cars let alone sitting in them! So when the owner tells you to get in the car, you get in the car. The Boy has that photo – I’ll have to get it from him & post it when I wake from my next blogging coma.


























this was the cutest… pics of the owners in the boat on display


that’s the yellow one I got to sit in for a photo op


yep… The Boy’s dad was Commodore in 2000. Pic on the wall and everything! 🙂







Next up was a trip to Galveston where we roamed about the town & played at the train museum.

It was fantastic. We had the best time. And excuse me while I get cheesy for sec… but I loved this trip with The Boy. I love sharing experiences like this with him. And we always have such fun – laughter abounds.



































And finally, we went sailing on my birthday. How cool is that?! I felt so spoiled on that day and so loved. I really cannot thank our hosts enough for showing us a great time. It created memories I will treasure for a lifetime.











OK… I’d LOVE to say I’ll get back to posting regularly but let’s be real here. There’s a boy in my life. and cousins that get married. and girls night. and work. and laundry. and Mini rides to go on. Life gets in the way.

So I’ll see ya in another 6 months.



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so this happened…

Turning forty may have sent me over the edge or I just finally lost my marbles. I did something this year I thought I’d never do. I am officially inked. Yep. I got a tattoo. Me. of all people. Not that it’s unusual getting ink… it’s just one thing I pretty much had sworn off my whole life up to this point. First… I’ve just never seen myself as a tattoo kind of gal.  Second… I don’t like needles. The thought of metal piercing skin really freaks me out.  Third… I really don’t like pain. I spend my life avoiding it at all costs. Seriously. I’m even super careful doing filing at work to avoid papercuts. 😛

It crossed my mind one day months ago and I wasn’t totally opposed to the idea – which caught me rather off guard. So then I started thinking about what I would get. I wanted something meaningful… something that represented where I am right now. If it was going to be on me forever (for. ev. er.) I didn’t want it to be trendy or trite. Well, for the first time in my life I feel like I have the proper perspective… that even though I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, I know the important things in life – that’s what I wanted it to convey. And I wanted something sort of photography related since it has become a passion over the past few years – not completely centered on it, just related to it.

So I started to think about where… that part was settled pretty quickly. I decided on the wrist for a couple of reasons: 1) I would see it often and 2) it could be easily covered up by a watch or bracelet (yeah, how weird is that?! planning on how to cover it up before I’ve even got it – those are the things I think about). Then what to get was next… a word. What word? That was the question. I played around with a few ideas – even having them done in Greek or Hebrew because it’d look cool. A word that would encompass several meanings – that was the tough part. It hit me one day like a ton of bricks: focus. That was it! I feel like I’ve got the right things in focus right now – and it’s such a photography word. Often the story you tell is reflected by what you’ve got in focus – in life & photography. So I thought the tough part was over since I’d chosen what to get – right? Oh no… being the font addict that I am, it took me longer to settle on the font than it did to choose a word. Sheesh. Who’d have thought that part would be soooooo difficult?!

Have I ever mentioned that my baby brother is a tattoo artist? Well, he is. And I considered having him do it but he’s in Texas – makes for a VERY long trip just for some ink. I figured I’d have to just go to a local place but then… he took his kit to a family vacation over 4th of July week. Apparently, tattoo gear is like AmEx… you don’t leave home without it.  I almost got inked then. No, I didn’t chicken out – we just ran out of time. So back on the local hunt I went until… B was coming in town for a concert the weekend of his birthday. And you guessed it, he brought his gear. So not only did I get ink, but my baby brother (12 years my junior) did it. How cool is that?! It became a family affair… sis 1 & sis 2 as well as bro-in-law 2 were there as witnesses. 🙂 That is a memory for the record books.

This is happening...

B at work – all professional & stuff

It was strange seeing him in his element – so focused (ha!) and serious. But I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. Sure, it hurt a bit but not too much. Thank goodness I chose something small. I can’t imagine having complete sleeves done… ouch.


So there it is… I’m inked. And I couldn’t be more pleased.


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i blame the boy

the friendliest flower

Somebody remind me how this works again. Please. It seems there were words and photos involved but it’s been so long that it’s all a bit foggy.

I haven’t forgotten about you, my dear readers. My life has been twitterpated. Anybody remember that phrase? You know… the one from Bambi? Yep. I’m smitten. And when I’m smitten, I’m all distracted and not quite sure which way is up.

Life has been busy and I’ve decided to blame it on The Boy. Yes. There’s a boy these days. Though he does have a few years on me so I’m not quite sure I can call him that… on second thought, I do tell him he’s 8 yrs old quite often so scratch that… he shall be called The Boy.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about sharing much here about The Boy… he is pretty social-media savvy and I’m sure he’ll read anything I end up posting. We have yet to have a discussion on things like this so until then… just know there’s a boy. He occupies a lot of my free time. We laugh a lot. And he’s pretty darn great. So that’s all I have to say about that.

TONS of stuff has happened in the past several months. Things that I’ve been meaning to do. Things that I didn’t know I wanted to do. And things I thought I’d never do. Because I’m sooooo far behind on posting my Project 366 photos (but still taking them!), posts for it are going on hiatus. Instead, I’m going to highlight some major events that have occurred lately. Not exactly sure what order I’ll go in but it’ll happen. I might even shock you with more than one post a month! {{gasp}}

Don’t worry, I really am still taking a photo a day with my big girl camera… which has been upgraded! woot! I’m just thinking I’ll end up with some mosaics for each month at the end of the year. This project has been good even though I haven’t been faithful with posting.

Until the next post, which I hope to be this weekend, I bid you adieu. Though I do wish you would stick with me while I figure out where I’m headed on this crazy thing called life.

Until next time… Love ya bunches!


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proof I do always have gum {photoaday}

art: this painting done by a friend was a lovely housewarming gift and one of the 1st things to get put on the wall when I moved in 5 yrs ago

time: this clock makes my brain hurt.

yellow: sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. they’re just big, fat & happy don’t ya think?

#art #photoadayjune #latergram#time #photoadayjune #latergramYeah they were all #yellow #photoadayjune #latergram

out and about: a cookout with new friends and an evening game of cornhole. fun fun fun

in your bag:  I have a slight obsession with lip products and fun pens. I carry a wristlet so 3 tubes of lip stuff and some Sharpie pens take up a good bit of space. Who needs room for money or other stuff in your bag when you’ve got lipsmackers?
And here’s your proof that I do always have gum 🙂

something we don’t know about you:  this was a tough one. I had thought about posting something related to my height because most of my instagramming friends don’t know me in real life and have no idea just how short I am but I decided to reveal something I love. the combination of chocolate and caramel is absolute sweet perfection so Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food (chocolate ice cream, caramel & marshmallow swirl with dark chocolate fishies) is definitely a guilty pleasure

#outandabout #photoadayjune#inyourbag #photoadayjune#somethingwedontknowaboutyou #photoadayjune

participating in fat mum slim’s photoaday challenge


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