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2013:52-02 {homework can be fun}

Homework. Just the word sends shudders down my spine. I’d gladly go back and get a Masters in whatever if I just didn’t have to do homework and take exams. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning. I just don’t like the pressure of a deadline. Now if I could tackle homework with an attitude like this, I’d be all over it.

homework can be fun

This is the 6 yr old daughter of a dear friend in our small group Bible study. We meet every other Thursday so this little munchkin gets to do her homework while we all catch up on life. I know she’d rather be hanging out with us or watching My Little Pony but she gets her work done even so. And with a grin. How fun is that?!


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I’ve never been giddy over a book {2012 project 366}

Saturday games have become a way of life these days. And I gladly trade lazy weekends for watching the nieces & nephews out on the fields. They are so cute. That’s my 6 yr old niece in a braid taking charge on the field. She’s really come into her own out there.

2012: 105/366

105/366 (apr 14)

Catching sunset at the park.
(image is SOOC)

2012: 106/366

106/366 (apr 15)

I’ve never been giddy over a book. Until now. The Bloggess’ book arrived and I cannot wait to crack this baby open. I imagine it to be very much like her blog: completely random and ridiculously funny.
(and since I’m writing this post long after reading it… it did not disappoint. Randomness and hilarity abound)

2012: 107/366

107/366 (apr 16)

Japanese maples are gorgeous. especially after the rain.

2012: 108/366

108/366 (apr 17)

When these 4 get together this is pretty much how it is. Mostly a big blur with silliness on top.

2012: 109/366

109/366 (apr 18)

A typical site while sitting in traffic next to the small local airport.

2012: 110/366

110/366 (apr 19)

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if you make a kid say… {sweet shot tuesday}

If you make a kid say ‘wienerschnitzel’ this is what he will do:

when he says 'wienerschnitzel'

And when you are 3, you’re up, you’re down and you can’t sit still even for a second

can't sit still

(just a couple of outtakes from photo sessions with the nieces & nephews – they were an absolute riot)
Photos taken with Nikon D40 17-55mm f/2.8 lens – in manual mode. woot!
edited in PSE8 with mcp’s fusion action

Sweet Shot Day

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